Che's Afterlife - The Legacy of an Image



Michael Casey

Michael Casey spends his days writing about economics, financial institutions, bond markets, interest rates, and so forth. So it was natural that his first book would be about Che Guevara.

Well…all right…So the progression from emerging market debt crises to the cult of a dead Marxist revolutionary isn’t exactly obvious. But then, Michael’s career has never gone in a straight line.

After graduating in 1987 from the University of Western Australia [...]



Credit: W+K12 ad, Wieden + Kennedy

Paper Magazine has published 15 eye-catching contributions from advertisers to a project it called Rebranding America, all of which are laid out here at Adweek mag’s AdFreak blog. Before I give them my thumbs up, a caveat: The admen who delivered them are among the most influential and well-paid in the country. As a true believer, I like the way the “Obama-equals-hope” concept is conveyed – even by the somewhat disturbing image of the Statue of Liberty [...]